R-H holds second Interactive Enrichment assembly

Published 9:07 am Friday, March 6, 2020

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Randolph-Henry High School held its second Interactive Enrichment assembly Tuesday, Feb. 25 in celebration of Black History Month.

The guest speaker was William McCargo. He spoke about the difficult journey African-Americans have had to endure throughout history from slavery, to segregation in schools. McCargo showed a video mentioning the different schools in Virginia that started the Massive Resistance to the desegregation laws passed in the 20th Century, explaining how it was resolved by Supreme Court in cases such as Brown vs. Board of Education.

He encouraged the students to do more research about Black History Month and other cases that contributed to the equal rights movements.

“If you won’t fix the problem, you are part of the problem,” McCargo said.

The assembly ended with a Black History Month trivia game. Three different questions were asked, and the students in the audience who answered correctly received a prize from McCargo himself.