All-school book club

Published 2:25 pm Friday, February 28, 2020

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Charlotte County Public Schools is embarking on a special project, an all-school book club called Virginia Reads One Book.

Every elementary student, teacher, and administrator will receive a copy of the same book – “The Toothpaste Millionaire” by Jean Merrill and will read it at home over the next few weeks.

The Virginia Banker’s Association generously donated one copy of the book to each elementary student, teacher, and administrator for a total donation of $6,340.

The purpose of this initiative is to promote family and financial literacy, to create a Community of Readers, and to promote oral health in Charlotte County. The goal of this program is to have families reading together daily for at least 15 minutes.

Reading Specialists in each elementary school are organizing a kickoff event for March 6. A celebrity reader will read the first chapter of the book with our students. Students will participate in daily activities related to “The Toothpaste Millionaire” such as daily trivia questions and contests.