Published 12:04 pm Friday, February 21, 2020

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Following are the property transfers recorded in the Charlotte County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for the month of December. The listing includes the grantor, the grantee, location of property and amount of consideration.

  • Michelle Bevelock to Robert M. Kolich, Jr., 30.80 AC, Madison District. $85,000.
  • Rose Ann Terrell to Phillip E. Miller, 2 parcels, Midway District. $425,000.
  • Deborah H. Fowler, Tr to Douglas L. Hunsucker, Sr., 4 parcels, Madison District. $125,000.
  • Pauline S. Robbins to Kathy R. Vaughan, 13 AC, Bacon District. Deed Gift.
  • John F. Tucker, Jr to John F. Tucker, III, 3 tracts, Midway District. Deed Gift.
  • Kenneth W. Garrison to Joseph W. Moore, Parcels, Madison District. $110,000.
  • Velda H. Agee to Larry S. Agee, 21.36 AC, Walton District. Deed Gift.
  • US Bank National Association to Dana M. Brown, 3 AC, Walton District. $60,400.
  • Jean Pendleton Lawson to John Randall Townsend, 1 AC, Bacon District. $60,000.
  • Tiffany N. Blevins to Kenneth W. Toombs, 10 AC, Bacon District. $45,000.
  • Ronald B. Card to Richard Zachary Brown, 89.07 AC, Madison District. $231,582.
  • Mitchell Blaine Dejarnette to Mitchell Blaine Dejarnette, 14.04 AC, Bacon District. Deed Gift.
  • David Wilson Crews to David Wilson Crews, 2 tracts, Roanoke District. Deed Gift.
  • Horton D. Copeland, Jr to Grace Homes for Children, 1 AC, Walton District. Deed Gift.
  • Martha Roberta Brookes to Meredith L. McBride, 2.4 AC, Town of Keysville. $120,000.
  • Jamestown Forestlands, LLC to Lealon Gregory Vassar, 5 Tracts, Roanoke District. $735,000.
  • Julie Turner to Samuel A. Stolfzfus, 67.42 AC, Madison District. $168,500.
  • Michael-Davin Blythe, Sr., Tr to Warren J. Rutledge, .49 of an AC, Bacon District. $1,000.
  • Leon Saunders to Porchia Hummings, .57 AC, Bacon District. Deed Gift.
  • Gary D. Walker to LEK Rentals, LLC, 3.51 AC, Madison District. $1,500.
  • Joshua E. Amos to Susan P. Chinault, 48.30 AC, Bacon District. $49,000.
  • Ila M. Campbell to Clarence W. Martin, .180 of an AC, Midway District. $32,000.
  • Janet S.Mason to Abram S. Hosteller, 30.002 AC, Midway District. $60.004.
  • Javera Bolden to Kaitlyn M. Considine, 3 AC, Madison District. $113,000.
  • Janet S. Mason to Isreal H. Fisher, 52.219 AC, Midway District. $104,438.
  • Arthur J. Reid to Derek S. Toombs, Tract, Roanoke District. $56,895.
  • Edward W. Early to James E. Carwile, Parcel, Madison District. $4,453.
  • Edward W. Early to James E. Carwile, Tract, Madison District. $7,547.
  • Warren J. Rutledge to Mitchell Blaine Dejarnette, 3.32 AC, Bacon District. $12,000.
  • Danny Yates to Trevor Adam Paul, 9.80 AC, Bacon District. $175,000.
  • David R. Lindsay to Jefferson Paul Lindsay, 69.90 AC, Bacon District. Deed Gift.
  • John J. Robbins to Barry M. Savage, 2 Parcels, Walton District. $75,000.
  • Jean C. Harris to Steven L. Jonsson, 3.04 AC, Roanoke District. $87,000.
  • Bryan K. Morris to David Nadolsky, Madison District. $62,000.
  • L T Richardson to David Nadolsky, 14.35 AC, Town of Charlotte Court House. $33,000.
  • Mary Jane Allen to Lealon Gregory Vassar, 129.76 AC, Madison District. $298,448.