Courthouse costs excessive

Published 1:36 pm Wednesday, January 15, 2020

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Dear Editor,

The Gazette’s Jan. 2, article titled “Courthouse Cost Explained” did not tell the whole story about why Courthouse costs exceeded the $13.9 million budget. For example, the architect and county administrator signed change order No. 12 in November 2018 to install four chandeliers in courtroom 204 at a cost of $18,590. Surely the architect who was paid almost $1.3 million included adequate courtroom lighting in their design. Surely the construction manager who was paid over $550,000 could have found a less expensive alternative. I do not believe the supreme court or the judges forced such a cost on our county. Why was it necessary to exceed budget for chandeliers costing over $4,600 each? Who was responsible for this excess cost?

Terry Ramsey

Charlotte Court House