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Town to present comprehensive plan


The Town of Keysville’s new Comprehensive Plan has been updated and a draft will be presented during the Keysville Town Council’s meeting on Jan. 13.

The Keysville Planning Commission has been working with the Commonwealth Regional Council (CRC) for the last 15 months on an update of the Town’s Comprehensive Plan according to a release from the CRC.

Following the January meeting a joint public hearing between the town council and the Keysville Planning Commission is scheduled for Feb. 10.

Copies of the draft plan are available at Keysville Town Hall, 120 J St., and the Keysville Branch of the Charlotte County Library, 300 King St. The draft Plan is also available on the Town’s web site at www. townofkeysville.com and the CRC website at www. virginiasheartland.org.

Comments on the draft plan should be submitted in writing no later than 5 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 31. Comments can be submitted to the Keysville Town Office via email at townoffice@ townofkeysville.com or Todd Fortune at the CRC at TFortune@virginiasheartland.org.