Time to drop the blanket

Published 8:22 am Sunday, December 15, 2019

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On July 14, 1952, the world was introduced to Linus van Pelt. Linus was the middle child in the van Pelt home with his sister Lucy being the older “bossier” sibling, and Rerun van Pelt being his baby brother. Linus is the philosopher and theologian of the Peanut gang. He often quotes the Gospels and teaches life lessons from God. But more than his intelligence or youthful wisdom, Linus is most known for his ragged, blue, old security blanket. Time and time again his sister Lucy would try to get rid of this blanket to no avail. Poor Linus even had a “blanket hating grandma”, which is sad because his grandfather’s name is Felix van Pelt, yet we only know his grandmother as “Blanket- hating grandmother”. How awful is that?!?! In the mid 1980’s, the blanket started being shown less and less until finally in 1989, Charles Schultz admitted Linus had finally outgrown his blanket. This blanket meant so much to Linus serving as a scarf, a head wrap in the cold, a whip to knock back enemies or pop items out of the way, and so much more. With the blanket Linus could do anything! Without it he was paralyzed in fear, becoming weak and dizzy. Linus van Pelts blanket was his calm. You really need to watch, A Charlie Brown Christmas, this week and look for one scene in particular: Linus, the Bible scholar and group spiritual leader that he is, steps up to the microphone saying what Christmas is all about. Right in the middle of his speech…he drops the blanket. WHAT?!?! This blanket is his strength! The blanket is his everything! But wait! There’s more! The timing of dropping the blanket is oh-so-important in which we need to pay attention: while speaking on what Christmas is all about he drops the blanket right when he says… “Fear Not”. The blanket gave him a sense of security. That blanket made him stronger. And he DROPPED it!

You see, the blanket wasn’t his source of strength…Jesus was. The birth of Jesus should separate us from our fears. We trust and hope in so many things and people, which all can let us down. We begin to put up our walls and resist instead of simply trusting Jesus. Drop your blanket. Whatever you feel gives you security or strength…let it go and allow Jesus to remove your fears. Read the gospel of Luke and take Jesus for who He desires to be: Your Savior, your Lord, your true BFF. True peace and security are only found in what Christmas is all about… Jesus Christ. Let go and let God handle the rest. #bethegood

Rev. Cameron J. Bailey is pastor at Kenbridge Christian Church. He can be reached at jamescameronbailey@gmail.com