Eureka attendance incentive

Published 10:23 am Sunday, October 27, 2019

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The Virginia Department of Education website indicates that, “Efforts to improve school attendance and reduce dropout rates are part of the larger effort to increase achievement and close performance gaps between student subgroups.” As a result, one of the indicators used to determine school quality is chronic absenteeism. For this reason, Eureka Elementary School recognizes the students that have been at school every day, all day. These recognitions occur approximately every four-and-a-half weeks around the time when progress reports and report cards are issued. The recognitions are also only for that four-and-a-half week time period, meaning that even if a student misses, they can still earn a recognition during the other four-and-a-half week periods over the course of the year.

Between Aug. 12- Sept. 11, Eureka had 163 out of 446 students obtain “perfect attendance.” On Sept. 12-13, Mr. Hamilton, the principal of Eureka Elementary, went around the school to classrooms to explain to the students that in order to learn from their teachers, they need to be at school. He then recognized the students who had been at school every day, all day over the first four-and-a-half weeks of the school year.

As part of the recognition, each student with perfect attendance received a pencil and took a picture with the other students who were recognized in their grade level to be displayed. Mr. Hamilton also recognized that there are times students may have to miss school, such as when they are sick or have a dental appointment, but that it is important for them to be at school when they can.

Over the course of the year, Eureka will continue to recognize students for their attendance because it does play such an important role in their education. Some possible future incentives for “perfect attendance” include fun items and incentives. Eureka looks forward to continuing to encourage and promote good attendance and hopes that every student will receive the recognition at least once out of the eight possible times.