Have we come so far or gone off the deep end?

Published 2:31 pm Friday, October 25, 2019

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Sometimes with what I see in the media about President Trump makes me feel like I’m watching “House of Cards” right in front of me.

As a people and a nation we can come together and solve problems if we try. Our differences of opinion and suggestions on how to make change happen should not be used as weapons to prove I’m right and you’re wrong or my way is better than your way. That mentality gets us nowhere.

Our government can be utilized to be a part of that solution — local, state and national. As I write this the comparison of government an ice cream machine comes to mind. For me, if the machine makes ice cream all you want to focus on is the tasty ice cream that will emerge in your bowl so you can enjoy. Yes, you know that it made of diverse parts. All that I want to know is that the ice cream machine works properly. It’s the same with our government; from the presidency, congress and the supreme court; all we need to know is that our elected officials in their positions of power are working together to solve the issues we face.

For two years we have been bombarded with news reports of what’s going on behind the scenes in Washington, D. C. in the Trump administration. Then there are his excessive tweets. Trump tweets more that Tweety Bird. Now, we have the whistleblower’s revelation of President Trump asking the Ukranian president to dig up information about supposed corruption of Joe Biden and his son Hunter. To top it off money was promised to fund the Ukranian government if the intel was produced. How could Congress approve that? Someone in the White House staff had to open up the flood gates of information to this person. You do not ask a foreign leader to investigate an American citizen — doesn’t matter if it’s for election purposes or some other reason. I would think you would utilize the State Department, the FBI or the Justice Department — unless you don’t have confidence in them.

Now, I do remember some issues that President Trump handled that I do agree with even though I am not a fan of his bombastic attitude. First, he approved our troops to attack the Syrian airport in April 2017 to stop the Assad regime from subjecting the Syrian people to poison gas. Second, when U. S. Department of Education head Betsy DeVos denied funding for Special Olympics this year Mr. Trump approved the funds. Yet, it’s the continual trainwreck of his other actions and the media coverage that overshadows any progress that has been made. These leaks of information would put a faucet to shame.

Who knows about the election in 2020. What else can come up in a revelation about this administration. I ask have we come so far or have we jumped off the deep end? Stay tuned.

Judy Moore lives in Wylliesburg and can be reached at ju.mo39@live.com.