Science exploration at Eureka

Published 1:02 pm Thursday, September 26, 2019

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The fifth-grade-students in Mrs. Pyle’s science class are excellent explorers learning all about cells and plants. The Eureka Eagles became crime scene investigators for a day by solving “The Mystery of the Disappearing Cells!” Students examined various plant and animal cells, while trying to solve the mystery given to them. They had a great day solving this science crime and working together to find the missing cells.

The students are pictured doing research and examining the cell specimens.

According to a press release, “The students had a blast and have enjoyed learning all about plant and animal cells.”

The students are also shown in the picture investigating vascular and non-vascular plants. The students were able to observe, touch and break apart celery and moss. The students used magnifying glasses to examine the plants further and draw their observations and conclusions. After all of this scientific investigation, the students were able to complete an experiment to prove that celery is a vascular plant and moss is a non-vascular plant.

The fifth-graders at Eureka are passionate about plants. Exploring science has been at the top of the list, the first few weeks of school, and the students are overjoyed with excitement to find out what else they will be exploring in science this school year.