Making provisions

Published 9:12 am Monday, September 2, 2019

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For about 15 years now I have been receiving emails from the Governor’s office, which I signed up for, no matter who it is from.
They need to call politics something else because I’m getting tired of hearing that word. About six weeks ago Governor Northam called a special session of the General Assembly to discuss how to combat gun violence — you have two houses and no agreement was reached. More of the same. For years parents, because of these mass shootings, have approached legislators to do something, but the Democrats blame the Republicans and vice versa. Enough. They sound like two kids fighting on the playground. Both of them throw punches. Doesn’t matter who started it — it just needs to stop.

After the nothing happening session in Richmond I wrote an email suggesting something they could do in regards to the mental health issue of the gun debate. I proposed making a provision that when a person has been diagnosed with an illness that the counselor or psychiatrist report it to the authorities so it goes on their record into the database and law enforcement knows who should not purchase a gun: a no brainer. Why is that so hard? Put a red flag next to this information. Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of. Maybe have a mandatory counseling session every three weeks in the workplace where a person sees a counselor to discuss any issues so you will know who is in danger of being on that tipping point. We could eliminate some of these shootings. Yet, if no one does anything it’ll just keep stirring the muck and mire that is gun violence. The lack of doing nothing is literally killing us as a nation.

Another concern is the families being held in detention centers. No one should have aluminum foil as a bed on a floor and be pressed up against the insides of cages. In a July 27 news report on ABC’s World News a group of kids were selling lemonade to raise money to buy supplies to help the kids in these centers. God bless these children. Are you seeing and hearing this legislators? People doing something to make things better.
We shall see what happens as we have November elections coming soon.

Judy Moore lives in Wylliesburg and can be reached at