Adams announces candidacy for School Board

Published 1:42 pm Monday, July 22, 2019

Alicia Adams

Alicia Adams has announced her candidacy for School Board for the Cullen/ Red House district in the election on Nov. 5. She is a mother of two, both of whom attend Charlotte County Public Schools, as did her husband and herself. Adams is a Girl Scout troop leader, a PTO Executive Board member, and an advocate to support anti-bullying causes. She has gained firsthand knowledge about the specific issues that affect Charlotte County schools. As a school board member, Adams will lead efforts to improve the system for our children, teachers and faculty. She will be your listening ear and your voice.

If elected to the position on the school board Adams primary goals will be, but are not limited to:

Communicating the value of every employee by letting them know they will have a board  member who is receptive to their thoughts and concerns.

Frequent each school and events held, in support and make herself approachable. By doing this, Adams plans to establish transparency and community engagement by creating channels of communication between teachers, parents and our community.

Adams says, “Our teachers and staff need more support and stability and to include focus on our nurses by increasing respect and salary to an appropriate pay scale.”

“I hope I can count on your support come Nov. 5,” Adams stated.