‘Uplifting Our History’ at the Ole Grand Setting

Published 12:04 pm Thursday, July 4, 2019

On Saturday, June 22, God blessed us with a beautiful day with pleasant temperatures to celebrate the fourth annual Ole Grand Setting on the Central High Museum grounds. “Uplifting Our History” was this year’s theme and it was evident that it was accomplished. Dr. Hezteine Foster encouraged the audience to remember that we stand on the shoulders of our forefathers recognizing what they went through to get us to where we are now. That’s how we uplift our history. God’s grace and blessings have shined on us through chains of bondage to the freedoms we have today. Mt. Mitchell Baptist Church Choir filled our hearts with joy as they sung praises to our Heavenly Father and how we feel His spirit everyday — it was sure felt on that Saturday. In addition, our county officials and board members graced us with their presence and words of community cooperation.

The guest speaker, Deacon George Smith, brought this message home by talking about how knowing your history and honoring the sacrifices of past generations is uplifting our history. That perilous ship voyage from Africa over rough oceans and seas so long ago, where lives were lost yet those who survived eventually achieved freedom which enabled us to partake in the American dream. Furthermore — tell the youth about these struggles, freedom and equality; how they live in 2019 wasn’t always like this — in this country. “We are living history right now,” Smith stated.

Being at the Ole Grand Setting, we were a part of history. I always feel like we influence history every day. At the front of it all is God, all powerful, merciful and all knowing.

Subsequently, there were other activities throughout the day such as a car show, music by DJ Al Brogden, music by Big G, bingo, horseshoe, children’s games, bouncy house, food, vendors and museum tours. If you were fortunate enough to stay the whole day you may have thought you heard a rumble of thunder in the air but that was the sound of The Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club parading through — 100 strong. The procession was a sight to behold. We thank them and all of the community for its support and the volunteers who worked diligently with their donations of time and money to make the event a success. It is for the community that we do this. Let’s continue to keep our history alive and progressing into the future — that’s uplifting.

Judy Moore is a tour guide with The Central Museum and can be reached at ju. mo39@live.com.