About the ‘rights’ of women

Published 1:30 pm Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Dear Editor,
Watching and listening, almost daily, to the latest protest of the day, or “Soup de Jour,” I can’t help but marvel at some of the ignorance being shown by women, many supposedly intelligent. How can they march and carry signs protesting the fact that women do not have full control over their bodies? Has anyone noticed that control is what they have? Most women, here in the United States, can come and go as they please, they have the creative right to tattoo their bodies as they wish, they can pierce any part of themselves they want to pierce, they can dress to suit themselves whether their choice of attire is offensive to others or not. As an added bonus — women have the right to change their gender if they choose to do so.

Adding the right to vote, I would say, we’re in pretty good shape.
Until, lately. This “abortion on demand,” at any stage in pregnancy should be illegal — it is already immoral. Yes, all written here is my opinion, like the women marching for the right to abortion are expressing theirs. Those women, including the government officials in Richmond and Washington will one day answer to a higher authority. If it happens that I’ve managed to step on somebody’s conscience, maybe, just maybe, I’ve given someone food for thought. Always remember, God knows his own.

L.E. Dimino
Red House