An important assist

Published 12:53 pm Wednesday, May 8, 2019


We would like to commend the Raleigh, North Carolina-based company Holocene Clean Energy for what it recently announced it will do in Charlotte County.

As Jamie Ruff indicated in his story for The Gazette, the solar developer will provide an assist to the Charlotte Court House Volunteer Fire Department, funding improvements to the area surrounding the department’s fire station.

These improvements are important to the goal of the department to fulfill its duties as best as it can.

Improvements will include giving the station much-desired improved accessibility for fire trucks as a concrete driveway and asphalt will replace the currently rock and gravel parking and staging area.

Advocates have noted that while the parking and staging area has been in its current form, the rock and gravel slows trucks as they pull from the station during emergencies, especially in inclement weather.

Fire Chief and Deputy Sheriff Chris Russell provided further insight into how Holocene Clean Energy’s assist will provide valuable help — it effectively frees up money for much-needed fire equipment, reduces ongoing maintenance expense and improves safety at the fire station and in Charlotte County.

“It will help a ton,” he said. “This project will keep us from having to keep buying rock, which has been a problem, especially in the recent wet weather. It will keep everything clean and will look a whole lot better. Also, when it snows, we will be able to clear it all off more easily.”

We would also like to commend Gary Walker, a former volunteer firefighter and current member of the Charlotte County Board of Supervisors who helped bring the project to the solar developer’s attention.

Holocene Chief Financial Officer Stan Allison said, “We knew we wanted to help the county somehow, and when Supervisor Walker informed us of the importance of the project, we thought it would be a great way to fulfill our intention.”

Allison said the people of Charlotte County have made Holocene Clean Energy feel very welcomed, motivating a desire within the company to give something to the community.

Charlotte County residents in the coverage area of the Charlotte Court House Volunteer Fire Department who find themselves in need of the department’s services will be most grateful.