R-H improves to 13-0

Published 2:33 pm Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Randolph-Henry High School’s varsity girls tennis team completed season sweeps of Goochland and Prince Edward County high schools last week to improve to 13-0 on the year.
On Thursday, the Lady Statesmen shut out the visiting Lady Eagles 9-0 for the third time this season.
The singles results from that match were as follows:
1.) Grace Algeier def. M. Williams, 8-0
2.) Eliza Walker def. M. Carrera, 8-3
3.) Kaley Moon def. E. Watson, 8-1
4.) McKenzie Sharpe def. J. Hicks, 8-2
5.) Pearl Sandridge def. A. Pena, 8-3
6.) Kiersten Dotten def. K. Flanagan, 8-0
The doubles results were as follows:
1.) Algeier/Moon def. Williams/Watson, 8-0
2.) Walker/Sharpe def. Carrera/Hicks, 8-3
3.) Sandridge/Dotten def. Pena/Flanagan, 8-2
In exhibition matches, the doubles team of Mary Scruggs and Chesney Currin as well as that of Morgan Lawson and Lauren Bush rounded out the evening with wins.
The Goochland Lady Bulldogs posed a notable challenge to visiting Randolph-Henry on April 23, actually earning two wins — one in singles and another in doubles — but they ultimately lost 7-2.
The Lady Statesmen claimed an early lead by winning five singles matches.
The singles results were as follows:
1.) Grace Algeier def. L. Heffinger, 8-0
2.) E. Walton (Goochland) def. Eliza Walker, 8-6
3.) Kaley Moon def. B. Winston, 8-3
4.) McKenzie Sharpe def. E. Wensell, 8-2
5.) Pearl Sandridge def. H. Raley, 8-6
6.) Kiersten Dotten def. L. Phillips, 8-4
The doubles results were as follows:
1.) Algeier/Moon def. Heffinger/Winston, 8-0
2.) Walker/Sharpe def. Phillips/Walton, 9-7
3.) A. Clemons/K. Fat (Goochland) def. Sandridge/Dotten, 9-7.
Randolph-Henry hosts Bruton High School on Friday.