Draft Strategic Plan completed

Published 11:54 am Wednesday, April 24, 2019

A significant item of business on the agenda of the April meeting of the Charlotte County Board of Supervisors was overshadowed by discussion of what now seems to be an inevitable and sizable tax increase for county residents.

Over the course of several structured work sessions assisted by consultation from Dr. Mike Chandler of The Berkley Group (TBG) the Board has systematically completed a new draft Strategic Plan.

A Resolution to adopt the Strategic Plan is listed item 24 on the Board of Supervisors Meeting Agenda.

When the item did come up, Chairman Butch Hamlett, in consideration of time spent discussing prior business and the number of business items yet to be addressed, suggested, with the Board’s consent, to pass over the Resolution until such time that proper recognition of the document’s significance and the Board’s commitment to it would be allowed.

The completion of the Plan to its current stage has required the consistent and concerted effort of Board members.

The document is significant to the County and its residents because it will serve as a record of a set of Core Values deemed essential to the county as the cornerstones from which all of the business of the County would arise. Additionally, The Plan is intended to serve as a guide for the County’s governing body to reference as a decision making tool and adhere to as a standard of established direction with regard to a set of four Strategic Initiatives that were identified and listed in the Plan by the Board.

The initiatives, as listed in the draft Plan are; Expand Economic Opportunity, Practice Good Governance, Strengthen Community Partnerships and Promote Financial Stewardship.

The draft Strategic Plan and just as importantly, the effort put forth by the Board to design and create it, however, carry with them a deeper significance.

It is representative of the collective decision to commit to a change of direction.

It also represents an open and determined commitment to that change.

During the developmental stage of the draft Plan members wanted to be sure that the dynamic and proactive qualities of the document be strongly emphasized. Another intention was to emphasize a move to a more transparent form of government as well as toward a more interactive operation, to increase resident’s interest and input.

The Plan is intended to be adaptive to future variables without straying from the foundational Mission Statement or the core values upon which it was created.

The next step toward the completion of this Strategic Plan is the creation of an Action Plan for each of the four Initiatives that have been listed thus far.

The Action Plans ensure the success of each of the Initiatives. The Action Plans are, in each of the Initiatives’ cases, the means to an end.

The draft Strategic Plan is available for viewing on the Charlotte county website www.charlotteva.com. Click on the link on the homepage.