Moody Creek review passes muster

Published 12:08 pm Wednesday, April 17, 2019

After hours of review, and with due consideration of resident’s commentary by way of public hearing, the Charlotte County Planning Commission has completed its 2232 compliance review of the County’s Comprehensive Plan. The 2232 review is required by Virginia law at the submission of a conditional land use permit by co-developers Apex Clean Energy and SolUnesco to move forward on the proposed Moody Creek Solar Project.

The announcement of the Planning Commission’s findings was presented to the Board of Supervisors by Charlotte County Procurement officer Monica Elder on behalf of the Planning Commission. The final ruling is the Planning Commission finds after careful review that the conditional land use permit submitted by co-developers Apex Clean Energy and SolUnesco is, in fact, substantially in accord with the language set forth in the current Charlotte County Comprehensive Plan.

Due to the extent and nature of Elder’s knowledge base and compiled experience, she has worked side by side with members of the Planning Commission during the required 2232 compliance review.
The next step in the permit approval is the announcement and conduct of a public hearing to allow public comment regarding the findings of the review. No meeting has been scheduled at this time. All meetings, dates and times can be seen at the Charlotte County Administration’s website at