Two arrested in Appomattox sting

Published 12:57 pm Wednesday, March 27, 2019

James Pernell Womack Jr., of Charlotte County and Tiffany Marie Capps, of Keysville were both arrested by the Appomattox County Sheriff’s office on a variety of drug charges. The arrests, along with that of six others, came as the result of a six-month investigation into the illegal sale of narcotics and prescription drugs in the County.

According to court records, Womack has been charged with one count of Sale/ Resale of Schedule I/II drugs, two counts of Conspiracy to Violate the Drug Act and three counts of Selling Drugs on/near School, Library.
Court records further indicated that Womack was listed as a fugitive from justice and had a Capias warrant issued in his name until March 21 when, according to the Appomattox Sheriff’s office, he turned himself in to authorities.

Tiffany Marie Capps, of Keysville was also arrested and charged with one count of Manufacturing and Distributing Imitation Schedule I/II drugs; one count of Assisting another to obtain prescription drugs, one count of Accommodating Drug Sale on/near School or Library, one count of Sale/Resale of Schedule II drugs, Two counts of Conspiracy to Violate the Drug act and four counts of Drug Sale on/near School/ Library.

Womack’s hearing has been set for May 9. Capps’ hearing is scheduled for June 9.