Real estate reassements nearly complete

Published 12:27 pm Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Real Estate reassessments are underway in Charlotte County. Pearson Appraisal hired by the Charlotte County Board of Supervisors (BOS) began the reassessments in June 2018.
Randy Willis with Pearson Appraisal provided an update of the county wide reassessment at the regularly scheduled March 13 (BOS) meeting.
Willis reported that there were less than 150 parcels left to look at to finish the reassessment. “They are scattered and have permits, or maybe mapping” he explained. “They are either under permit right now or need a permit or may have mapping issues.”
Willis said his plan was to begin mailing notices by mid-May, “that would allow six-weeks for the appeals process.”
A field study of the county’s sales data is ongoing but has indicated a modest increase in the number of properly maintained residential properties across the county. It also indicated that there was little to no difference in the number of improperly maintained residential parcels in the county.
There was no change in farm related data, Willis reported, “timber land has increased slightly; timber values are up.”
Willis’ comment initiated a lengthy and substantial dialogue, primarily with Supervisor Kay Pierantoni. Their exchange covered a range of topics relating to timber land, assessed land values, and how those values are affected by fluctuations in the timber market. Pierantoni noted that large-scale timbering operations are synonymous with large land tract owners. Her opinion was that large operations tend to be more familiar with the assessment and appeal process as well as with the long-range outlook for the timber markets than are smaller-scale outfits.
Based on that premise, Pierantoni defined her concern as such; “that there may not be enough information readily available in the county for smaller businesses to access, particularly regarding tax assessments and rates. She believes that small business is vital to the county. She also pointed out that because timbering and logging were major sources of industry in Charlotte County it was important to establish fair and accurate assessed values. Willis assured her that full and proper consideration had been given to land values.
Pierantoni went on to discuss the occurrence of “swampland” in Charlotte county. Specifically, Pierantoni asked what is the standard definition of the term ‘swampland’ as it applies to the county’s real estate assessment?
Swampland is currently assessed at $300 per acre in Charlotte County. Residents should have a ready, standardized definition on hand for reference material if there is the possibility of occurrence on their property.