Help for the helpers

Published 2:58 pm Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The Charlotte County Public School (CCPS) system has maintained an impressive standard of excellence for some time, serving well its students and the parents that have entrusted the system with those students for education.

This is just a small part of why we are saddened by the recent spate of bomb threats that have frightened many and disrupted a myriad of people from doing their important work — teachers, administrators, the sheriff’s office, Virginia State Police, parents, students and more.

It was Feb. 12 when CCPS authorities reported that the fourth bomb threat made since Feb. 4 had been written on a bathroom wall at Randolph-Henry High School.

The third threat came Feb. 11, written on a restroom wall at Central Middle School (CMS). The second threat happened the same day at Phenix Elementary School and was also conveyed through a written message on a restroom wall.

The initial threat was reported Feb. 4 at CMS, and like all the others, it was written on a restroom wall.

CCPS officials have indicated that the bomb threats are believed to be student-driven behavior.

Unfortunately, life is filled with examples of people hurting the very people that are trying to help them.

Life is hard when you lack knowledge and the comprehension ability to learn new skills. Administrators and teachers are trying to make life more manageable for students when they move on to college or the workforce, equipping them with important knowledge and putting them in a position to excel.

Law enforcement personnel are trying to make the county and the state a safe place to live, work and play by being available to respond to incidents in which the law has been violated and people’s safety is at risk.

Parents are busily working to provide their children with all the essentials of life, plus likely a variety of luxuries.

In protection of these folks who are trying to help, and also to aid in teaching the students right from wrong, we commend CCPS officials for taking action to stop the current student behavioral trend.

A message from CCPS officials addressing students stated that any student found engaging in making threats will face “swift and severe consequences,” which could include legal charges being filed and consideration given for a 365-day expulsion from school.

We also commend law enforcement, which has faithfully responded to the threats and is helping to discourage future threats with a stronger in-school presence.