Published 9:15 am Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Happy birthday wishes to Eric Trent, Jan. 16, Farmville; Jacob Moore, Jan. 16, Randolph; Alice Morton, Jan. 17, Randolph; Shirley Shepperson, Jan. 18, Richmond; Ann White, Jan. 18, Charlotte Court House; Reedie White, Jan. 18, Charlotte Court House; Jervy Barnes, Jan. 18, Charlotte Court House; Hazel Williams, Jan. 19, Keysville; Tori Orborne, Jan. 22, Saxe; Vivian Mosley, Jan. 22, Saxe; Jordon Foster, Jan. 22, Cumming, Georgia; Willie ‘Chicken’ Webb, Jan. 22, Jr., Maryland; Christopher Jackson, Jr., Jan. 22, Keysville, 3 years old. I wish all of you many more happy birthdays. Happy birthday!

Anniversary wishes to Clarence and Jane Jackson Johnson, Jan. 19, Bronx, New York, 45 years. I wish you many more happy years together with God’s blessings. Happy anniversary.

Get well wishes to all of the sick and shut-in. I hope you are well soon, up and about. You are in our prayers and thoughts for a quick recovery.

Sympathy to all of the families who lost a loved one recently. Our heartfelt prayers and good wishes go out to all of you in your time of need. You have our deepest sympathy. May God comfort all of you in your time of need.

Thought for the week: Save your heart for someone capable of giving theirs.


Failure comes only when we forget our ideals, objectives, principle or heritage. Our code and standards, the things we live by and teach our children, are preserved or diminished by how freely we exchange ideas and feelings.

Life doesn’t require ideals, it requires standards of action. Ideals are like stars. We never reach them, but like the mariners of the sea, we chart our course by them.

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