Retrospective of 2018

Published 9:20 am Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The year 2018 has contained a lot of memories for Charlotte County. Before the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, we have the opportunity to remember welcoming change that’s taken place in this year, in addition to honoring people who have died.

We have the opportunity to remember milestones for ourselves and loved ones, experience pride in the ways we’ve grown and gratitude for the chance to learn from living, even if the lessons can sometimes be painful.

Former County Administrator R.B. Clark announced his retirement after 37 years, considered the second longest-serving administrator in the county’s history.

Within months of careful search, incoming Administrator Daniel Witt was appointed. Shortly after Witt began to attend meetings and take on the responsibilities of the position, the county was hit with Tropical Storm Michael.

The storm brought tearing winds and flooding, which had a widespread and enormous impact on the county’s roadways, powerlines and homes, effects that are still visible on secondary roads and area streams and rivers.

The storm also resulted in the death of two loved members of the community, who are missed by their family members and friends.

The county, as it has before, pulled together, not only helping out their neighbors in the county, but also helping out friends and loved ones in surrounding counties.

The county also saw periods of large-scale development, such as the construction and grand opening of the $13.9 million courthouse.

It also saw visible gestures of respect toward its citizens, such as the installation of the memorial road sign along Highway 47 remembering veterans of the Vietnam War, organized by the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 8902 in Charlotte, and VFW posts throughout the region.

If this year is any indication, it can be amazing what takes place in 365 days. Here’s to another year, just one shy of 2020, where anything can happen.