Published 9:22 am Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Happy Birthday wishes to Sally Kohut, Dec. 13, Keysville; Twins Alexis Chappell and Jessica Chappell, Dec. 14, Scottsburg; Jeremiah Moore, Dec. 16, Randolph; Doris Duffey, Dec. 16; Dakota Kaywood, Dec. 16, Drakes Branch; Kody Kaywood, Dec. 16, Drakes Branch; Dorothy Stearnes, Dec. 17, Drakes Branch; Camil Parker, Dec. 17, Baltimore, Maryland; Virginia G. Dailey, Dec. 18, Randolph. I wish you many more happy birthday wishes. Happy birthday!

Get well wishes to all of the sick and shutin. I hope you are well soon, up and about. You are in our prayers and thoughts for a speedy recovery.

Sympathy to all of the families who lost a loved one recently. Our heartfelt prayers and good wishes go out to all of you in your time of need. Sympathy to the Evans family of Charlotte Court House and the Clark families of Phenix, you have our deepest sympathy.

Thought for the week: Believe it in your mind, receive it in your heart, achieve it in your life.


The wings of Angels are often found on the backs of the least likely people. Angels shine from without because their spirits are lit from within by the light of God. Angels are messengers, but sometimes we misunderstand their language. Angels sail back to God on the sea of joy. If we were all like angels, the world would be a heavenly place.

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