Pridgen celebrates 40 years

Published 9:34 am Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Denise Pridgen recently celebrated 40 years at the Charlotte County Library.

She currently serves as assistant librarian of the Charlotte Court House branch.

“It’s been a pleasure,” said Pridgen. “Forty years have gone by so fast … “

She said she has really enjoyed her time at the library.

During the celebration, Librarian Jim Watkins and members of the Library Board surprised Pridgen and presented her with a commemorative gift for her service in the county.

“Thank you so much …” said Pridgen.

“This is the Board’s idea …” said Watkins. He said during her time, Pridgen really served as the face of the library.

“I can’t imagine a better librarian than Denise,” said Library Board Member Ree Cathey. “She is a friend to every person who comes in the library, and she is always willing to help in any way she can. She is a great blessing to the library and our community.”

Pridgen also currently serves as Mayor of the Town of Drakes Branch and has held the title for the past 15 years.

Library Board Member Teresa Osborne said “Denise has been the face of the Charlotte County Library for 40 years and she is truly a dedicated lady. We are so thankful for her years of dedication to the library and the patrons. We hope she continues for many more years.”

Pridgen was previously featured in “Faces,” the annual Progress special section produced in association with The Farmville Herald, The Kenbridge-Victoria Dispatch and The Charlotte Gazette.

In that Progress edition, Pridgen said her mother had impacted her life the most. “She’s always been a hardworking person and provided the best for me,” she said.

When previously asked what she loved about living in Charlotte County, Pridgen said “It’s a nice area to live. The people are very friendly and helpful. It’s a good place to live.”