Career Day held

Published 9:15 am Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Throughout the school year, elementary school counselor Charlene Haskins provided weekly opportunities for students to explore their many future options in higher education, vocational and professional careers. Students from prekindergarten through fifth grade learned about many important jobs, including our community helpers, and how to prepare for the workforce. Students learned about applications, resumes and interviewing for a position. They studied educational vocabulary, the various types of colleges and degrees, and other technical training programs. Some activities utilized were educational videos, books, worksheets, role play and discussions. The students celebrated Career Day at Bacon District Elementary School on Nov. 30. Students dressed up as their future career choice which included artists, teachers, a judge, a paleontologist, construction workers, doctors, veterinarians, farmers, military personnel, chefs, policemen, nurses, firefighters, singers and athletes. The students did an excellent job and had a lot of fun portraying their future livelihoods.