Emergency declaration for Charlotte County

Published 6:39 pm Sunday, December 9, 2018

The Director of Emergency Services in Charlotte County, Garland H. Hamlett Jr., has made an emergency declaration in Charlotte County due to the heavy snowfall in the area.

Among other notes, Hamlett encouraged people to stay off roadways and report power outages. Read the full declaration below:

As the Director of Emergency Services in Charlotte County, an Emergency Declaration has been issued for Charlotte County to coincide with the Governor’s Declaration.

One should stay off of roads if possible due to treacherous road conditions.

Power outages should be reported to one’s power company.

Always keep safety in mind and if without power, do not use grills inside as carbon monoxide may exist and can be deadly.

If this storm causes extended power outages, the county Emergency Operations Plan dictates how and when a shelter will be opened and operated

Report emergency situations to the 911 Center.