Crews assessing damages for outages

Published 7:29 pm Sunday, December 9, 2018

Dominion Energy and Southside Electric Cooperative (SEC) are reporting outages and assessing damages for the situation, according to their respective outage maps.

SEC is reporting approximately 533 outages in Charlotte County, with the majority of the outages appearing to center on Route 671 and Route 40. Crews, according to the outage map, are assessing those areas.

Dominion is reporting 19 outages in Charlotte Court House and one outage on Route 622. Outages have pending investigations, according to Dominion.

To report power outages to Dominion Energy, visit and check the map at for updates. Call 866-366-4357 to report an outage. SEC’s outage map and Central Virginia Electric Cooperative’s (CVEC) outage map can be viewed at and To report an outage to SEC, call or text 1-866-878-5514. To report an outage to CVEC, call 800-367-2832.