Every cloud has a silver lining

Published 11:21 am Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Just recently, the Town of Drakes Branch held a community meeting at the Drakes Branch Municipal Building to discuss the results of a recently conducted flood study.

In addition to discussing the findings, several possible solutions were offered to the Town.

According to information from the Commonwealth Regional Council (CRC), “the goal of this study is to evaluate drainage and flooding problems along the tributary to Twitty’s Creek, which runs behind and under the buildings on Drakes Main Street, evaluate and revise the identified flood zone in that area and develop a list of planned improvements by the Town.

The meeting followed recent flooding in the town, occurring after floodwaters struck during Hurricane Michael.

“This study actually came about when we were … planning for a possible downtown revitalization project here in Drakes Branch through Department of Housing and Community Development,” said CRC’s Deputy Director Todd Fortune. “During the planning process it came to our attention that there was flood problems in this area …”

He said an allocation of planning money was granted by the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) to conduct the downtown flood study.

I would like to commend the Town for being proactive in their approach to revitalizing the Town of Drakes Branch, even if the recent weather events have created a few more hurdles to climb on the bumpy road.

During Hurricane Michael, several buildings were flooded in the process, including the Municipal Building/ Fire Department and the post office.

At this time, those who receive mail in Drakes Branch are still being redirected to Charlotte Court House to pick up mail.

Although the process in the town may seem to be at a disadvantage during this time, “every cloud has a silver lining.”

Dedicated leaders and perseverance will be key in overcoming the recent flood damage in the town, as well as preventing the reoccurrence in the future and fostering an environment where businesses can grow and prosper.

I look forward to seeing Drakes Branch bounce back stronger than before.

Italia Gregory is community editor of The Gazette. Her email address is Italia.Gregory@TheCharlotteGazette.com.