General and special elections

Published 10:18 am Wednesday, October 24, 2018

General and special elections in Charlotte County will be held Nov. 6. and according to information from the Registrar’s Office, all voters are required to provide an acceptable form of photo identification to vote in-person based on Virginia law.

Leslie Cockburn

Special elections will be held in the towns of Drakes Branch, Charlotte Court House and Keysville.

The three localities will each vote for Mayor and Members of Town Council, in addition to a member of the United States Senate and Member of the 5th District House of Representatives.

According to official election information authorized by the Charlotte County Electoral Board,

Local incumbents Brenda D. Haskins, Julia B. Kurdt and Debra P. Andrews will run for six seats on the Charlotte Court House Town Council.

Raised in Charlotte Court House, Newcomer Terrill W. Ramsey will also join the race. He said he currently serves as chair of the Town of Charlotte Court House Planning Commission while regularly attending meetings of the Charlotte Court house Town Council and Board of Supervisors.

Current Vice-Mayor David C. Watkins, Jr. will run for Mayor unopposed.

Stephen Walker currently holds the position of Charlotte Court House Mayor.

Denver Riggleman

In Keysville, six individuals will run for six seats on the Keysville Town Council while newcomer Steven L. Morris will run for Mayor unopposed.

Morris currently owns Get Salty, LLC on King Street in Keysville.

Previously, Audrey H. Payne served as Keysville Mayor. However, on Nov. 6, Payne will appear on the ballot for a seat on the town council.

Incumbents Rhona Locke Benn, Sarah Lane N. Critzer and Scotty Ray Jackson will appear on the ballot again for town council, amongst newcomers Emily R. Jackson and George Thomas Sandridge.

In Drakes Branch, six names will appear on the ballot for a seat on the Drakes Branch Town Council, however, one candidate will run as a write-in.

Noah J. Davis, who previously served on the Drakes Branch Town Council, will run as a write in candidate this year “due to unforeseen circumstances,” according to Davis.

He said he has enjoyed working with the citizens in the town for the last four years of his term on the Council.

Incumbents James K. Gregory, Peery A. Wells and Deborah Tucker Kennedy will appear on the ballot amongst newcomers Phillip D. “Phil” Jackson and Terry M. Tharpe.

Previous Drakes Branch Town Council Member Clarence A. Hamlett will also appear on the ballot after being away for a while.

Hamlett said he previously served on the Town Council for over 10 years.

Current Drakes Branch Mayor Denise L. Pridgen will appear on the ballot for Mayor unopposed.

For the United States Senate, Corey A. Stewart (R-), Timothy M. Kaine (D-) and Matt J. Waters (L-) will face off.

Denver L. Riggleman (R-) and Leslie C. Cockburn (D-) will vie for the 5th District House of Representatives seat.

The Registrar’s Office will be open Saturday and Nov. 3 from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. for absentee voting.

In addition, registered voters can vote at the Registrar’s Office in person Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

The Registrar’s Office is now located at 420 Thomas Jefferson Highway in Charlotte Court House, formerly the J&D court facility.