Progress for sidewalk easements

Published 9:33 am Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Forward momentum is continuing on the sidewalk along Evergreen Road in Charlotte Court House, as the town and engineering firm seek to move the easement process along and face what could be an unanticipated expense from a property survey.

Commonwealth Regional Council (CRC) Executive Director Melody Foster gave the report about the 2,100- foot walkway project along Evergreen Road on Route 40, leading to Randolph-Henry High School, during the CRC’s Sept. 18 meeting on behalf of Regional Planner Andre Gilliam, who was at a workshop from the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) with Regional Planner Cam Johnson.

The CRC meeting board packet cited that there had been an error on one of the parcel identification numbers associated with the project design. Engineering firm A. Morton Thomas made the changes and forwarded the revised project design to all of the stakeholders.

Foster said the town attorney is working with the town of Charlotte Court House to put together the necessary documents for the easement process.

“They’re having to go back and get easements from each of the property owners,” Foster said. “The town attorney has suggested that they survey all the property.”

Foster said there would be cost associated with the survey that the town may not have anticipated.