If I could talk to Bath and West

Published 9:27 am Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Throughout my life I’ve thought about the different people in history I would talk to if I could, whether living or dead. As we know, there are many people who made history that are still with us and thank God for that.

Judy Moore

What would be awesome is if someone gave Patricia Bath the article that appeared in the Feb. 28 edition of the Charlotte Gazette and she liked what was written, I’d faint. I would ask her what it feels like to have patents for the Laserphaco Probe and how her traveling to Yugoslavia helped her realize the inadequacies of eye care treatment for minorities and the poor here in the U.S. We could also talk about the feeling Bath got when she received that microscope which began her love of science, which set her on a course to advance medical research in improving eye care for all Americans.

In addition, I would ask Bath what does she think about the “woman of many firsts” title given to her by yours truly. From what I read about Bath, it wouldn’t faze her a bit because knowing that people are benefiting from her invention and more African-Americans, especially women, are entering medicine would be her focus.

Furthermore, James West would have to answer my question of what was he thinking when he plugged in the repaired radio into a ceiling outlet and got electrocuted. Thank God his brother saved him. My next question would be about the development of the compact microphone and did he ever imagine how prevalent it would be in people’s lives; phones, baby monitors and hearing aids, etc.

Afterward, I would thank both of them for their tireless efforts in encouraging African- American youth to enter the science and technology fields, Subsequently, I’d ask Bath and West what do they think about the advancement of the STEM and STEAM programs in our schools and colleges. Remember, we are all a part of history. Our local history can influence the world on a national and global scale. Think Barbara Johns.

Judy Moore is a tour guide with The Central High Museum. She can be reached at ju.mo39@live.com.