Tire disposal fee deliberated

Published 10:03 am Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The possibility of assessing a fee on tire disposal in the county was recently discussed at a July 30 meeting of the Charlotte County Public Works Committee.

“This has been an issue that’s been addressed to the board (of supervisors) numerous times …” said Public Works Committee Chair Garland Hamlett, Jr.

Public Works Committee Member Kay Pierantoni said when tires are received at the recycling center, a sheet is supposed to be filled out including how many tires are being disposed of, who they are from and a signature.

She said she has recently inspected the information to look for any noticeable patterns.

She said last month, the county paid $2,500 to Emmanuel Tire in Appomattox to recycle tires collected in the county.

“It’s costing the county money,” said Hamlett. “We need to figure out what we can do to recommend to the board (of supervisors) to recoup or at least break even on what we’re spending.”

Hamlett estimated about $30,000 a year was spent on tire disposals.

Pierantoni said however, that fee is just paid to Emmanuel Tire. The wear and tear on the vehicle used to transport the tires needed to be included.

Hamlett said at this time, there is no limit on the amount of tires that can be disposed of that he is aware of.

He also said there is no charge at this time, although charging has been discussed.

Currently in Halifax, she said individuals are allowed a total of eight tire removals per year and a fee is associated with any additional disposals.

Pierantoni said she also looked at other counties and Powhatan charges $6 per tire for disposals.

“We could pretty easily see if it was individuals …” she said.

Pierantoni said a reasonable solution could be allowing individuals up to a certain number of tire disposals each year, possibly eight.

“We could let people know that …” she said, helping to prevent an excessive amount of tires at the facilities.

In addition, she said the county could start to charge for businesses.

Pierantoni said she did not want to penalize the businesses in the county, however, “should we put that on the backs of the citizens to pay the tire removal for a business?” she questioned.

“Well my thought is, we’re already paying a fee to the State of Virginia …” said Hamlett.

“If we recommend to the board (of supervisors) to do this … there may be repercussions,” he said.

Hamlett said people could start disposing of their tires on the side of the roadways.

“In my opinion, what I’ve seen and what I’m hearing, we don’t have many individuals taking tires … people don’t change their own tires anymore, they go and buy tires and have them put on …,” said Keysville Supervisor Butch Shook.

Hamlett said if the number of tires being taken in was known, a fee could be assessed to offset the expenditure.

Shook said he thinks if the county goes to attempting to charge individually for tire disposals, the tires will not make it to the landfills.

He said the tires would end up in the woods or a ditch.

“The only way we could do it is to collect the money from the people that sell the tires, who collect the money from the people that buy the tires” said Shook.

Public Works Committee Member Royal Freeman said he agrees with placing the responsibility on the tire dealers.

“Is it in agreement with this committee that we request the businesses that turn these forms in to the state, that when they bring tires to us, that they bring us a copy?” asked Hamlett.

“I’m assuming they make a monthly report to the state?,” asked Shook. He said the business should send a copy of the report to the county as well with a check.

Pierantoni said in fairness it should not start this month, the county should give the businesses proper time.

Hamlett said the consensus of the committee is that some type of accountability on the tires is wanted.