Cellular tower proposed

Published 10:20 am Wednesday, July 25, 2018

U.S. Cellular Corporation recently released a public notice about a Monopole Communications Tower in Charlotte Court House it is proposing for the town. Charlotte County has reported it has received an inquiry about the application process from U.S. Cellular, but has not yet received an application.

The public notice published in the July 18 Charlotte Gazette cited that the tower would be 195 feet, but 199 feet in total with accessory items that would be placed on the tower.

The proposed tower would be located south of a portion of Route 47, Thomas Jefferson Highway, and north of a portion of Parsons Road.

The notice cited that U.S. Cellular is accepting written comments by Aug. 17. The notice cited potential effects the proposed tower may have on historic properties listed or eligible for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places.

George Swearingen with Tower Engineering Professionals, Inc., said in response to a Monday phone inquiry that there are no historic properties listed in the proposed tower site. He said there are no structures within a half-mile radius of the proposed site.

He said the company runs the public notice with that item to fulfill an obligation with the National Historic Preservation Act.

County Planner and Purchasing Agent Monica Elder said Monday the county received inquiries from U.S. Celluar. “We do not have any applications yet,” Elder said. “U.S. Cellular made some general inquiries about the application process, but they did not specify that they had an application or a specific location, and we have not received an application from them to review yet.”

Conditional use permits for two U.S. Cellular towers on Barrett Road in Phenix and at the intersection of Craftons Gate Highway and Sunnyside Road in Drakes Branch were recently approved by the Charlotte County Board of Supervisors during a joint public hearing between the board of supervisors and the Charlotte County Planning Commission June 11.