Education is the key

Published 10:24 am Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The 2018 Ole Grand Setting celebrated at The Central High Museum on Saturday, June 16, was a beautiful day in more ways than one. First, God blessed us with a sunny and glorious day – a little humid, but it could

Judy Moore

have been worse. Second, the beautiful sounds of the Salem Baptist Church Junior Choir singing praises unto The Lord. Next, Dr. Foster welcoming all in attendance to carry on the mission of preserving history and teaching it to future generations. Last, Minister Michael Haskins gave an inspiring message of working hard for an education. We did and must continue to do so in order to honor our foreparents who suffered slavery, torture and other atrocities so we can have what we have today.

Education is the one thing that can’t be taken away once you obtain it. Minister Haskins brought up the fact that slaves were not immigrants – they were brought here by force. Parent and children were sold on auctions blocks. Parents were separated from their children. That’s what certain groups are experiencing now. The powers that be are even quoting The Bible to justify this outrage. That’s been done throughout the centuries – commit unjust acts and justify with The Holy Word. Folks, education is the key to understanding and bringing about change that will stop history at its worse from repeating itself. You got to work for it. It’s not handed to you.

In the afternoon, there were gospel tunes playing in the air courtesy of Al Brogden. For the children, there was a bounce house and games to play. In addition, there was bingo, vendors were selling their wares and a car show. We can’t forget the delicious food that filled the plate. You could even tour the museum throughout the day. The members of the Central High Museum Board thank all visitors and guests for their support and assistance in planning and attending this annual event. God bless you and see you next year.

Judy Moore  is a tour guide at the Central High Museum and can be reached at