Published 9:10 am Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Happy birthday wishes to Robin Lee, Wednesday, Baltimore, Maryland.; Roger Bowie, Thursday, Randolph; Marie Freeman, Friday, Randolph; Ruby Gee, Friday, Drakes Branch; Mitch Watts, Friday, Scuffletown; Davonta Davis, Friday, Randolph; Wayne Lee, Friday, Saxe; Natasha Shepperson Vaughan, Saturday, Farmville; Tom Lewis, Sunday, Randolph; Ruth Moore, Monday, Saxe; Peggy Masters, Tuesday, Randolph. I wish all of you many more happy birthdays to come. Happy birthday!

Anniversary wishes to Nancy and James Argenbright, Wednesday, four years, Drakes Branch and James and Nicole Callaham, Sunday, two years, Drakes Branch. I wish each of you many more happy years together with God’s blessings. Happy anniversary.

Get well wishes to all of the sick and shut-in. I hope all of you are well soon, up and about. You are in our prayers.

Thought for the week: Do more of what makes you happy and let go of the stress.


Don’t give up, the beginning is always the hardest. You never fail until you stop trying. Whatever brings you down, will eventually make you stronger. The secret to success is to know something nobody else knows.

If you want you life to be meaningful, go out and do something about it. If you believe in yourself, things are possible.

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Virginia Freeman is a community columnist for The Charlotte Gazette. She can be reached at vstars@