Shell building discussed

Published 10:10 am Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Members of the Heartland Regional Industrial Development Authority (HRIDA) discussed progress on the possibility of a shell building at the facility during its April 23 meeting.

Cumberland County representative Vivian Seay Giles asked about any progress or further discussion regarding installing a shell building at the Heartland Industrial Park.

HRIDA Chairman Gary Walker said it would be up to the individual localities to decide whether they would want to contribute to installing the shell building.

“The way we talked last time was that individual localities go back and talk to their boards to see if they were interested in participating,” Walker said, “and at this point we haven’t had any response.”

“If nobody is interested, or if one county is interested, and they want to share the burden, then that goes back to what we were talking earlier about with the revenue sharing, we would probably have to adjust that some,” Walker said.

Giles spoke about a 30,000 square foot building the county installed. The building is located at the Cumberland County Business Park at Commerce Road, which was recently renamed from Poorhouse Road.

“We didn’t put the floor in, we just got it up off the ground … it was closed in and insulated,” Giles said.

HRIDA members said further discussion on the building would need to take place in closed session.