It’s past time to talk …

Published 11:02 am Wednesday, April 25, 2018

I reached out by email last week to all members of the school board and board of supervisors asking them to come together to talk about the situation with our elementary schools. As I have said to many people, I am on the fence as to what is the best answer for our schools. However, I think the Citizens could find some level of comfort if both Boards would meet, discuss all options and come up with a plan of action and the money to do what is needed.

Kay Pierantoni

At the “joint meeting” with the school board on April 17 the elected school board members were observers, not participants. The format of the meeting was such that it did not give them a clear opportunity for school board members and supervisors to engage with each other. I attended the school board meeting that night and spoke to them; later sending an email to all members of both boards suggesting a meeting that would allow roundtable discussion.

You, the citizens, should be concerned. I urge you to contact your supervisor and your school board member and asked them to come together. Whether you are for community schools or consolidated schools, or simply concerned about taxes, you should be requesting your representatives on both boards to talk together and come up with the best plan. Who suffers the most if they do not? The children.

In my opinion, the children deserve better conditions; safer, healthier, more conducive to the best educational experience possible. Tax dollars need to be spent wisely; after all, these same children are going to shoulder the burden from the decisions we are now making.

Again, this is not a plea for any one agenda … only a plea for the sake of the future of our county.

Kay Pierantoni is the Wylliesburg-Red Oak District Supervisor. She can be reached at