Walk advocates heart health

Published 10:39 am Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Approximately 20 members of the community spent a portion of April 4 enjoying one another and taking walks inside of the Fireman’s Arena in Prince Edward County. Pamphlets and brochures were available to teach participants about heart health and the importance of exercise and other forms of activity, and the group held a lunch to conclude the event.

The inaugural observation of National Walking Day was hosted by Crossroads Community Services Board, Charter Oak Center in Charlotte County and approved by Farmville Recreation Department Director Chris Bolt.

Melvin Gilmore with Crossroads, which provides mental health services, services with those with intellectual disabilities and those surviving from substance abuse, seeks to help create opportunities for socialization and for different members of the community to interact.

“This is an event we put together to bring the community to the individual that we serve,” Gilmore said.

Assistant Day Support Manager Shawn Umstead with Crossroads noted that the event combined opportunities to meet others with opportunities to learn more about one’s heart health.

“Our goal is to join the community and be part of everyday living activities,” Umstead said regarding the event. “This event was to bring awareness to being active and being aware of heart disease by the National Heart association. Different facts were posted throughout the building and you could read as you walked with the community.”

Umstead said residents of Crossroads and social club Dynamic Divaz participated in the event, in addition to Bolt.

Bolt similarly noted the event’s goals of uniting the community toward heart health.

“The goal of this event was to bring Crossroads and the community together for a fun occasion, while also making all who participated aware of different ways to maintain good heart health,” Bolt said. He said the event could potentially take place annually.

“Crossroads and the Farmville Recreation Department are hopeful to make this an annual event,” Bolt said.