Moore shares her passions

Published 9:26 am Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Wylliesburg resident Judy Moore is a recognizable face at the Central High Museum, where she currently volunteers as a tour guide/liason.

Judy Moore

Moore also spends her time working at the Wylliesburg Library and serving as a substitute teacher in Charlotte County.

“As anyone can tell you, history museums and libraries are two of my passions,” Moore said. “What I enjoy most about working at the museum is greeting guests and leading them on tours of the facility. I love writing those historic profiles. I am inspired every day to find out something new about the people who have shaped our world near and far.”

Moore said if she could live anywhere other than Charlotte County, she would choose Honolulu in Oahu, Hawaii. “I have a good friend who is living in paradise now,” she said.

Although Moore said she wouldn’t mind living in Hawaii, she enjoys Charlotte County because she likes the down-home feel of the community and people are willing to help. “We love our home and we fight to keep it strong and safe,” she said. “I enjoy looking at the beautiful countryside and we still can say we got one stop light in the county. Living here inspires me and gives me the courage to venture out because when you do, you know you can always come home again.”

While living in Hawaii might be her dream, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is her dream crush. “He is a smart guy and talented,” Moore said. “He appears to have a good heart and gives back to the community. (You) Gotta love that.”

When Moore is not busy, she said she enjoys watching Riverdale on the CW Network as her favorite television show.  She said the CW’s slogan is “dare to defy, come and live in our world.” However, according to Moore, “there are some folks that probably think I live in their world too much,” she said jokingly. In addition to Riverdale, some of Moore’s other favorite television shows include Black Lightning and Victoria on PBS.

Another interesting fact about Moore that she enjoys eating ketchup from packets. “If I’m stranded on a deserted island, I could have that to sustain me,” she said.

Above all, Moore said her family and great friends are her true inspiration in life, including her mom, dad, and grandmother.