Ideas abound for J&D Court space

Published 9:39 am Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A recent meeting of the Charlotte County Facilities Committee included a tour of the current Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court building and Social Services facilities.

During the tour, Charlotte County Board of Supervisors members on the committee discussed possible uses for the soon-to-be vacant court facilities following the completion of the county’s new courthouse facilities.

The new courthouse will house the clerks, J&D court, courthouse staff, the Court Services unit and General District Court.

“We’ve got two requests,” said Keysville Supervisor Butch Shook. “Social Services has requested more space.” Shook also noted that the Registrar’s Office has requested to move its voting equipment into the soon-to-be vacant building.

Additionally, some of the space could be used for training by the electoral board.

“Maybe we should get (Registrar) Nan (Lambert) and (Social Services Director) Sara (Goff) together and say, ‘hey, ya’ll look at everything down here and try to work out what you think will work for each one of you, then come back to us,” Shook added.

Walker previously said the registrar would be moving to the current J&D court building in light of the need for a handicap accessible facility.

“It doesn’t seem like to me you can justify all of this square footage for a registrar’s office,” said Charlotte County Administrator R.B. Clark.

At a previous meeting of the facilities committee, Wylliesburg/Red Oak Supervisor Kay Pierantoni said there was a big need for a new conference room at Social Services.

“I’ve been in meetings there, and it’s such an immediate need,” Pierantoni said previously. “I think a shared conference room would be very good, and I hope that’s something we can put in place.”

Additionally, committee members expressed concern regarding the site of the visitation playroom at the Social Services facilities.

Goff said enough space would be needed to accommodate large families. Also, more than one exit is needed. In addition, the playroom would need an observation area.

The immediate need, however, is the conference room.