Fears makes memories

Published 9:47 am Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Meg Fears is a familiar face when people walk into Rebel Sporting Goods at 115 Kings Highway in Keysville.

Meg Fears

Fears, the store manager, has worked with Rebel Sporting Goods for approximately 10 years. She has created countless memories at the store, which sells hunting and fishing equipment, and she’s excited to keep creating memories in Charlotte County.

Fears said her favorite aspect of the store is interacting with the customers, whom she says are interesting and have many stories of their own.

Among the customers are members of the Charlotte County Grays #1964 Camp Sons of Confederate Veterans. Fears said the store sells uniforms and rifles that are used during re-enactments.

“They buy a lot of the re-enactment stuff from us,” Fears said, adding the re-enactments generally take place in Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. “And then you’ve got some people who are just getting into it, and they like to go and take part in these battles.”

Another customer Fears remembers is a Ms. Gilmore, a year-round fishing enthusiast and elderly woman whom Fears said instantly brightens her day.

“She is the coolest little lady,” Fears said. “She’s funny and she’s full of life, and I hope to be like that when I’m her age.”

What may surprise some about Fears is while she enjoys fishing and hunting, she rarely gets to do either.

“I’m not very good at it,” Fears said with a laugh. “But I enjoy it.”

She said she likes to go to a pond at her property and to Buggs Island in Clarksville to fish. She said she wants to go to Sandy River in the Town of Rice.

Fears has lived in Charlotte County for approximately 20 years. She said she recently moved to Lunenburg County. Off the clock, she enjoys planting flowers, particularly roses, peonies and tulips. She aims to add forsythias to the list.

“I’m really wanting to plant a forsythias bush,” Fears said. “Because I always think whenever I see a forsythias bloom, it is spring, and I love springtime.”

She also enjoys reading, listening to music and spending time with her family, her fiance Jerry, and her granddaughter, who is turning 8 years old.