Strikeforce Tire is March business of the month

Published 10:32 am Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Strikeforce Tire has been named March business of the month by Charlotte County’s Chamber of Commerce. Douglas Randolph started selling tires cash and carry about five years ago at the Keysville location on 6340 George Washington Highway. Strikeforce Tire donates $2 to local Volunteer Fire Companies, Rescue Squad, Meals on Wheels and youth athletics, for every tire it sells. Congratulations to Strikeforce for being named business of the month, and we commend them for generously giving back to their community. Visit their website at or call (434) 736-8712. Pictured are, from left, C.J. Harmon, Chase Barksdale, Jonathan Criswell, Adam Layne, Cari Grey and Jeff Cohen. (Send pictures of the week with names and a brief description to