School celebrates 100th day

Published 9:10 am Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Bacon District Elementary School students and faculty took a whimsical but informative approach to celebrating the 100th day of the school year on Jan. 31.

Teachers and students donned glasses, fake mustaches, shawls, canes and hats to dress as though they were 100-years-old.

Duffie Jones, an elementary math specialist with Charlotte County Public Schools (CCPS), said students and teachers took part in several activities meant to highlight, and celebrate, the No. 100.

Whether it was making art with 100 cotton balls, making baggies with 100 small items or enjoying fun snacks, students and teachers took the event in stride, Jones said.

“Students also participated in 100 day activities within their classrooms,” Jones said. “Some of the activities included creating art with 100 objects, counting to 100 multiple ways, and having a 100 day ‘Gorp’ celebration.”

“It’s a snack where students choose 10 items from each of 10 buckets to get a total of 100,” Jones said.

Jones included comments from students who enjoyed the event.

Bacon District Student Ja’Karie Walker enjoyed the silliness and lessons that came with the event, particularly with the costume.

“I liked wearing my mustache,” Ja’Karie said.

Student Hadleigh Duffer expressed enthusiasm about activities related with the Gorp.

“I liked the 100 Day Gorp,” Hadleigh said. “We had lots of food.”