‘New opportunities for all of us’

Published 9:15 am Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Dear Editor,

Change is difficult for many people. Even if you grumble about a situation, knowing how to bring about change and having the energy to do so are often the roadblocks.

In the two years I’ve been more involved in Charlotte County government, I have heard lots of stories of the past and lots of grumblings about lack of transparency. When I first started going to board meetings, I, too, wondered if a lot wasn’t going on out of the public’s eye. A prime and recent example is the $6.1 million debt that was incurred in July 2017. Read the board minutes and listen to the audio of the meetings in the months leading up to this and you will hear no mention of a financing deal that had been in the works for months. The public had a right to know.

Change is here. I, along with others, am working hard to make all the transactions of our local government transparent to its citizens. This transparency seems hard for a few but welcomed by the majority.

Charlotte County is filled with some of the best, most hardworking people in the state. They just need a chance. They just need change. With change we will have opportunities to make Charlotte County a better place for all, especially the children who are our future. I look forward to new opportunities for all of us.

Kay Pierantoni

Wylliesburg-Red Oak District Supervisor