Commending CMS

Published 9:11 am Wednesday, February 14, 2018

We commend the students and staff at Central Middle School (CMS) for their participation in the Great Kindness Challenge during the week of Jan. 22-26.

According to Central Middle School Counselor Amy Moore, “This initiative is a proactive anti-bullying program that engages and empowers students while improving school climate. CMS students were given a checklist and challenged to perform as many of the 50 kind acts listed as possible in one week.”

A sample of the school checklist for grades 2-12 included acts of kindness such as smiling at 25 people, sitting with a new group of kids at lunch, lending a pencil to a friend, being on time for school and sending a “thank you” to their superintendent.

In a world where vitriol seems to be the go-to response, the choice to go out and add goodness to humanity is vital.

The nonprofit organization Kids for Peace started the Great Kindness Challenge.

“Students and staff also participated in a door-decorating contest, visited the Kindness Matters photo booths and wrote kindness grams at the appreciation station,” said Moore in a recent Gazette report. “The highlight of the week was our Kindness Matters high-five tunnel, where school and community members came out to greet CMS students with a high five and a smile.”

“All of these efforts on the part of the students and the staff were to remind our school and community that kindness matters,” Moore said.

Kindness does matter. It’s potentially one of the things that matters most, behind hope and love.

A commendation is well warranted for the students and staff at CMS.