‘It’s just country (life)’

Published 9:31 am Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Wendy Lankford, lifelong Red Oak resident and president of the Barksdale Cancer Foundation (BCF), said her upbringing in the county and the legacy left by her family are factors that have contributed to her community service and agricultural pastimes.

Lankford said she has lived in the county her entire life. She said the ability to help her neighbor has cemented her appreciation for the area.

“I think the people, the community, the feeling of family,” Lankford said. “Everybody knows everybody, but everybody also feels everyone else’s pain … If it’s known that there’s a need, that those people need something, the community will throw together a dance, or cook a stew, or cook Boston butts or sell raffle tickets, they’ll do something to help that person. That’s my favorite part. It’s just country (life).”

Lankford has been president of BCF between eight and nine years. She said the nonprofit’s service has taken on a new urgency following the loss of her parents to cancer and her own battle with the illness.

“It just drives me to do what I do,” Lankford said, who said she is currently working to organize three fundraisers for the BCF.

She said she carries on her mother’s love of gardening by working in flower and vegetable gardens.

“I’m languishing in this winter, I can tell you that,” Lankford said. “I just cannot wait for spring.”

In addition to gardening, Lankford also enjoys canning, which between her canned goods and flowers, earned her between 30- 40 awards at the South Central Fair in Chase City in the last year alone.

She also described herself as an adventurous cook, and enjoys trying out new recipes.

“I like to cook different things,” Lankford said. “I don’t like to cook the same thing all of the time. I like to cook something different every day.”

Lastly, she enjoys spending time with her family, including her husband, daughter and granddaughter, who Lankford said just turned six.