Supplemental certificates presented

Published 9:46 am Wednesday, January 31, 2018

On Jan. 6, Appomattox Children of the Confederacy (CofC) Director Carolyn Davis presented supplemental certificates to Charlotte County natives, Autumn Shook and Laural Williams on behalf of their ancestors. Austin Shook who was not present also will receive supplementals on behalf of his ancestors. Autumn received four supplementals on, Alexander A. St. John, Co. I., 56 Regiment VA Infantry, Robert C. St. John, Co. I. , 56 Regiment VA Infantry, Richard T. St. John, Capt. Montgomery’s Company, VA Artillery, and James A. St. John, Capt. Montgomery’s Company, VA Artillery. Laural was presented with three supplementals on her ancestors; John William Early, Co. E., 34th Regiment VA Infantry, Edward Hudson Jeffress, Co. K., 3, Regiment VA Cavalry, and William Horace Jeffress, Co. K., Regiment VA Infantry.