Sidewalk project sees savings

Published 11:14 am Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The sidewalks project for Charlotte Court House on Evergreen Road saw an almost $8,000 savings following Commonwealth Regional Council (CRC) Community Development Planner Andre V. Gilliam’s work to secure a lower rate for an inspector for the construction.

“The engineering firm A. Morton Thomas (AMT) submitted a ‘Scope of Work and Fee Proposal’ on Nov. 15, which I forwarded to the town for review and consideration,” Gilliam cited in a memorandum to the council. “I followed up with AMT and found that the material testing fees are included in the construction inspection fees and forwarded the proposal to the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) for review and comment.”

He said Sharon White, with VDOT, asked AMT to clarify some items in the proposals.

“Don Rissmeyer, with AMT, sent the CRC clarification information to Ms. White’s request, which she accepted,” Gilliam cited in the memorandum. “The first week of December, Karen Price polled the town council for additional comments or questions and received none regarding the Scope of Work and Fee Proposal.”

He said she indicated that the town is ready to sign an agreement. Concerned about the fee proposal senior inspector’s rate of $79.53 an hour, he requested VDOT Richmond District for assistance per White’s recommendation.

“On Dec. 8, I requested Mr. Rissmeyer indicate if a regular inspector could oversee this project since it is not that complex,” Gilliam said. “It is my recommendation that the town should wait for his reply before proceeding. There could be significant cost savings.”

He said the rate for an inspector they are looking to help with the work now is $64.37 an hour. Which accounts for the almost$8,000 in savings.