Gregory offers amazing gift

Published 11:29 am Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The holidays can offer a lot. Whether it’s the dazzling lights and floats that come with a parade or a chance to laugh with friends and family over cookies or other treats, there is little shortage of interesting, unique and meaningful traditions to take part in.

For a lot of families, especially for kids, a chance of missing out on a Christmas staple is a reality. Missing out on Christmas gifts, often to afford food, heat or other necessities, is very possible for kids in Charlotte County.

Drakes Branch native James D. Gregory has been chosen as an Honorary Christmas Parent by the Southside Christmas Parents organization.

The Southside Christmas Parents Inc. is a remarkable nonprofit in which volunteers use their time and resources to help families — particularly those with young kids — over the holiday season.

According to a Gazette report, when asked about Gregory’s response on being chosen as honorary Christmas Parent by the Southside Christmas Parents, he said, “I’m hoping that the organization will once again make lots of children’s Christmases much brighter.”

Gregory’s hard work, dedication and genuine care for those around him is truly commendable. His involvement in the community and in enriching the lives of young people does not only extend to his term as Christmas Parent. He also founded the Charlotte County Recreation Association in 2001 to bring youth basketball programs to the county. The organization propelled several baseball teams to form in the county.

Gregory’s service sets an example and challenge to everyone this holiday season.

We at The Charlotte Gazette believe that whether it’s paying for a hot meal for a family, volunteering in a toy drive or checking in on friends and family in need, there’s something all of us can do to give someone an amazing holiday season.