Tower talk

Published 10:51 am Wednesday, November 15, 2017

On April 3, 1973, the first cellphone call was officially made. Since then, cell phones have been an integral part of our daily lives from placing phone calls, sending text messages, checking emails and interacting on social media.

Growing up in the technology age, I have been spoiled into having every resource right at my fingertips-literally.

With technology nowadays, the possibilities are endless. However, some rural areas are still not quite as fortunate.

Recently, the Drakes Branch Town Council approved a request from the Drakes Branch Planning Commission to replace to replace an existing cell tower in the town.

Currently, depending on which phone provider you possess, cellphone service in the Town of Drakes Branch is spotty at best in the downtown area.

I commend the Town of Drakes Branch for a taking a step in the right direction to rectify the cellphone coverage issues that have plagued the town.

As a rural community, it is essential to continue pushing forward to expand the resources available to local citizens.

If resources such as improved cell coverage and high speed internet access are granted, the area could become more attractive for potential businesses and individuals who may possibly relocate to the area.

The upgraded tower is being facilitated by Tower Assets Newco IX LLC- Tower Ventures.

The company’s Principal Executive Vice President Craig Weiss said the upgraded tower will take up less ground space, address the structural capacity and the additional height will allow for improved coverage.

Ideally, the tower will be a welcomed addition to the community.

It is my hope that the Town of Drakes Branch will continue to make technological advancements like these to heighten the overall appeal of our town.

Italia Gregory is community editor of The Gazette. Her email address is